How to Correctly Pack for a Move

Moving can be a fun and exciting time, due to the anticipation of new space and new area. However, some aspects of moving aren't so fun. Packing, for example, can be a nightmare without the right preparation. 


If you're looking for moving tips in Kelowna, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll discuss the best packing methods and how to avoid common packing frustrations.


Before You Begin Packing

Preparation is key when it comes to stress-free packing. By following these tips before you start packing, you'll end up with less mess and less stress.



Before you begin packing, try to figure out which items you plan on leaving behind and which you plan on packing. Items such as old kitchen utensils and worn towels are better to be left behind. Consider donating unwanted items before throwing them away.


Estimate the Number of Boxes You'll Need

While it's tough to get the exact number of boxes you need to fit all of your belongings, try to plan a rough estimate. Boxes come in different shapes and sizes, so keep that in mind when you're running your estimate. Oddly-shaped or bulky items may not fit in conventional boxes. Fragile items require extra materials, such as a plastic wrap, packing peanuts, or other supplies. When in doubt, more packing materials are better than too few.


If you're feeling overwhelmed by the box estimation process, Precisely Right Moving and Storage provides packing services. All your items get properly stored and labelled with the utmost care and organization.


While You're Packing

Now that you are prepared, you are ready to start packing. Once at the packing phase, there are a few tips that will make the process more seamless.


Label Everything

Labelling is vital for both you and your movers. By adding descriptive labels to each box, you will find all of your items with ease once they've arrived at your new home. For movers, labels provide important details and instructions. For example, a box labelled as "fragile" gets handled with extra care by movers.


Leave Large Items to the Professionals

In 2018, over 225,000 Canadians were hospitalized due to at-home injuries, so relying on movers for heavy lifting is a good choice for your safety. Professional movers are trained and ready to move big items, like pianos and oversized appliances. Your movers come prepared with the right materials and equipment needed for moving large items, so it's best to leave it to the experts.


Keep Your Essential Items Within Reach

Essential items like your daily toiletries and commonly used utensils should stay in an easy-to-access box. This ensures you don't find yourself digging around for personal items you need during the packing process.


Getting the Most Out of These Moving Tips in Kelowna

With the right preparation and help from professional movers like Precisely Right Moving and Storage, you'll experience a positive moving experience. We hope these moving tips in Kelowna have shed light on steps to take before and during your packing phase. By relying on Precisely Right Moving and Storage for your next move, you'll have access to trained professional movers that will make sure your items are safely transported and cared for.


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