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How to Protect Your TV During the Move

If you’re like most of us, you’re pretty attached to your television. The majority of households worldwide own a TV, and experts predict that with growing demand Smart TVs will be found in over half of all global households by 2026. Of course, with every new upgrade comes added sensitivity, which can make most homeowners worried about how their delicate appliance will survive a move. After all, how can you protect your TV when you’re packing it away on a moving truck? If you’re hoping to keep your television safe, here are a few key moving tips worth knowing.


Prepare Your Supplies

It’ll be easier to protect your TV with a few key moving supplies. If you have the original box and packaging, make sure to hunt it down, as it will save you a few steps. If you haven’t saved the box, finding one of a similar shape can help. Otherwise, be sure to grab some supplies you can use to cushion the TV. Soft blankets, bubble wrap, and other gentle packaging options are all safe bets. You'll also need to gather packing tape or bungee cords to keep this cushioning in place.


Get Your TV Ready

First, dust and clean your TV to remove any dirt or debris that could scratch the screen while you’re moving it. Before you start packing your TV for the move, snap a quick picture of the back of it, including the placements of any wires and cables. This will help you remember how to put them back later. If your cables are a mess, now may be a good time to figure out a labeling and organization system to streamline the unpacking and setup once you're in your new home. As you remove the cables, make sure to either set them into a bag labeled “TV,” or to label each individually.


Pack Your TV

If you have the original packaging, your job is simple: pack your TV safely away! If you don’t have these items, layer your soft blanket or your other chosen packaging over your television. Place a rope or bungee around this padded layer with care, making sure that it isn’t too tight. If you have a larger replacement box, now is the time to set your TV into it. Once it's inside, adding additional cushioning in the form of other blankets or padding can help take care of any extra space. Don’t forget about any cables and cords, which you’ll want to store in a separate box rather than with your TV. After all your hard work of cushioning and protecting this device, the last thing you need is a stray wire to scratch the screen while your moving truck is in motion.


Get Your TV on the Truck

A good rule of thumb is to always place your TV between sturdy items that won’t move during your trip, such as heavy furniture. Make sure your TV is upright, and don’t put anything else on top of it.


Let Our Moving Company Protect Your TV

If you’re worried about how to protect your TV or other delicate electronic appliances, consider hiring our moving company to help! With an experienced team on hand, you won’t have to struggle to cushion, lift, or secure your television, making it more likely that this device will survive the trip unscathed. At Precisely Right Moving, we’re experts at helping you handle even your largest, bulkiest belongings. To learn more, contact us with any questions.