How to Save Money on Your Long-Distance Move?

Roughly 200,000 Canadians moved in 2021. There is a similar trend in 2022, but how do you know which company to choose while keeping costs down? If you're planning a long-distance move, you may be trying to figure out how to do so without breaking the bank. Many people don't realize there are several ways to save on moving costs without impacting the quality of the mover. Do you want to learn more? Keep reading!


Maintain a Budget to Avoid Overspending

Determining your budget and how much you can invest in a moving service is the first step. This sounds simple, but it is an impactful way to save money during a big move: set a budget and stick to it. When creating a budget, consider the following:

  • Emergencies/unexpected costs
  • Large item professional packing costs: mirrors, artwork, glassware, pianos etc.
  • Transportation costs
  • Packing material costs
  • Short term storage costs

Do you need money tips on how to create a budget? Check out this article.


Choose a Moving Company

You should do some research before choosing a moving company. Comparing rates and reading reviews can save you money, and a possible headache. This will also give you added insight into pricing and budget requirements to better guide your decision. Want to learn more about how to choose a moving company? Read our blog about the Top Five Questions to Ask before hiring one.


Move at the Right Time

Moving in the off-season can save big bucks. People want to do more in the summer months, and that includes moving. By scheduling your move during the off-season, you will have more dates to choose from, and you may be able to take advantage of early bird moving specials or storage promotions.


Declutter as You Pack

The less stuff you have to move, the lower your costs. The perfect time to declutter is when you are packing your belongings. Getting rid of old or unused items will significantly lower the weight of your belongings, and thus the price of your move. You could even sell old appliances or electronics for extra cash, to pay for the move. Many people tend to hold on to broken or unusable items, so throwing those away before the move is beneficial.


Ready to Choose the Best Mover in Kelowna?

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