Moving Advice and Tips for Seniors in Kelowna

Today, there are seven million Canadians over the age of 65, which is almost 20% of the country's population. While many of us settle down in our golden years, others start new chapters in their lives. But no matter how many times you move, it's just not the same when you're older. Read our helpful moving advice in Kelowna if you're a senior or know someone who is.


Make a Moving Checklist

Even people with the sharpest memories forget crucial things and tasks while relocating. There are so many details, stress, anxiety, and excitement involved. Factor in age-related memory issues, and it's good to have a list you can refer to at all times. This checklist should include things you need to do two months before the move, as well as one month and one week before the big day. Examples of must-do tasks are:

  • Sort and organize your belongings
  • Donate, sell, or dispose of things
  • Organize storage services if needed
  • Get quotes from professional movers
  • Hire movers
  • Change your address on accounts
  • Organize utilities and location related services


Ask for Help

A move can be a lot to handle on your own, especially if you don't have a partner. So don't be afraid to ask for some extra hands! Your friends and family will likely be more than willing to assist. If you have any health issues, spreading the tasks out amongst other people will ensure you don't exacerbate these conditions.


Start Packing Early

Even if you don't know your exact move-out date, it's best to start packing early. You never know what'll come up that can hinder your progress, such as illnesses, injuries, or low-energy days. Also, the earlier you start, the more days you can spread out packing. Tackling small chunks over weeks or months will be much easier than cramming all your packing in a few days. Best practice is to focus on one room at a time.


Have the Movers Do Everything

Don't have a network of loved ones to help? Then have professional movers take care of your relocation from start to finish. Not only can they load your belongings and transport them, but they can also store the boxes and then unpack them in your new home when you want. You won't have to lift a finger, and everything will be properly stored and transported, so there's a very low chance that your things will get broken.


Follow Our Moving Advice in Kelowna for Seniors

With our moving advice in Kelowna, you'll have less stress. When you can focus on being excited about moving, it'll allow you to look back on this time fondly. So don't be afraid of opening this new chapter in your life. With your loved ones and reliable movers by your side, you'll be settled in your new home in no time. Do you need to hire movers for your upcoming relocation? Then request a quote from Precisely Right Moving. Ask about saving the GST on early bird and seniors’ moves!