The Brief Guide to Moving Into Your New Condo

So you decided to make the move to a condominium? Congratulations! Over 1.9 million Canadian households are based out of condos. We can see why - concierge service, lots of natural light, low maintenance, urban access, and great amenities, make condo living a no-brainer. But before you start enjoying your new place, you will need to get settled into your home. Below, we’ve created an essential guide to get you started in planning a move into your new condo.


Reach Out to Your Landlord

Communication with your new landlord is a must if you are renting. Otherwise, coordinate condo ownership and sort out the basics upfront: find out the parking situation, and if the service elevators need to be booked for professional movers.


Get Insured

Renter's insurance is an absolute must. It is sometimes built into your lease, but if not, be sure to procure it before moving in. Insurance will protect your items if there is a fire, theft, damages, etc. Be sure to shop around for quotes and find the best plan for your needs.


Set up Residential Movers

You will most likely need professional movers to help you move your belongings safely   to your new one. The moving industry can be confusing to navigate, so be sure you do a lot of research for quotes, hidden fees, and insurance. Once you decide on a moving company in your area, you will need to arrange a time to get your belongings packed up and moved in. Most movers make this fairly easy to do, and it is one less thing you need to worry about on moving day.


Change Your Address

Of course, you don't want all your packages to go to your old home! Be sure to update your address with your bank, credit card company, subscriptions, and medical offices. Let your friends and family know too. You can also set up a mail redirecting service to ensure no accidental mail fiascos down the line.


Moving into Your New Condo Has Never Been Easier

There are very few things more exciting than moving into a new condo. Whether you're closing in on a purchase or moving away from home for the very first time, relocating requires time, organization, and planning. By learning about the basics of relocating, you're setting yourself up for success. We hope this article provided insight into some basics for moving into your new condo. Good luck and happy moving! Looking for a premier moving company in Kelowna, BC? At Precisely Right Moving and Storage, we simplify the moving process to ensure your items are safe and secure. Click here to request a quote today!