Moving Challenges

Three of the Most Frustrating Moving Challenges and How to Prepare for Them

Residential moving continues to be on the rise in Canada. In the next five years, half of Canadian families intend to move.

Moving can be a positive experience. Maybe you relocated to a new city to start a job or bought your first home. Unfortunately, moving can also bring a lot of stress.

Packing boxes, going through your possessions, and finding the best movers is only the beginning when starting to prepare for your move.

Don’t worry — with the right moving tips in Kelowna; you’ll overcome these three common moving challenges.


1. Sudden Move

This is when you must pack up quickly and move to a new place, all within a strict timeline.
Whether there are issues with the home, a family emergency, or a last-minute job relocation to a new city, it’s never easy to pack and unpack without properly organizing your time or knowing the proper tips for moving out.
The Solution
Do whatever you can to plan your move. It won’t be easy, but you can still organize the little time you have. Some common moving tips and tricks include creating a timetable and having a checklist prepared on moving day.
Decluttering will also help make the process easier. Take time to go through your junk, donating what you don’t need, or temporarily storing some less important belongings in a storage unit.
This brings us to our next point...


2. Too Many Belongings

Overflowing closets? Junk drawers? Does your partner refuse to give away their childhood toys? If this sounds familiar, you likely have too many belongings.
While this is a common issue, it can really make moving more difficult than it should be.
The Solution
Ideally, you’ll want to reduce your belongings. But parting ways with your extra stuff isn’t always easy. That’s why you should take a day to sort through your belongings and separate them into three categories: keep, store, or sell/donate/trash.
For items in the second category, rent a storage unit and leave your stuff there until you can decide what you will do with them. For belongings that you don’t need but are in good shape, host a garage sale or donate them.


3. Not Enough Packing Material

You think you have plenty of boxes, but then you realize you have too many belongings and not enough boxes. And this usually happens a couple of days before moving day.


The Solution

Is it too late to get boxes? Need some packing tips for moving? No problem — just contact your moving company.
Many movers offer a packing service. They have their own boxes and can pack your belongings as well as unpack them when you reach your destination.


Did These Moving Tips in Kelowna Help?

From not enough boxes to a sudden move, there are many challenges that families face when they move. As long as you follow these moving tips in Kelowna, you can overcome these moving issues.
Choosing the right mover will also improve the whole process. If you’re based in Kelowna, Precisely Right Moving and Storage is the company you should trust. Contact our team at Precisely Right Moving and Storage today!