Tips for Moving in Winter

In 2021, more people have moved to British Columbia than anywhere else in Canada.  BC gained more than 30,000 new residents during the last 12 months. Winter can present some obstacles in terms of moving. These can be anything from heavy snow days to hazards including icy sidewalks and driveways. Here are a few suggestions to make moving in the winter more manageable.


Prepare Your Walkways and Sidewalks

Any paths leading up to your house, along the side of your house, and the sidewalks directly in front of your house should be totally cleared of snow and debris before the movers arrive. Icy sections should be sanded or salted. You may also want to lay tarps down inside to protect carpets and flooring from wet, heavy work-boots carrying in furniture. Many moving companies will provide plastic for this very reason.


Create a Warm Space

Depending on the amount of stuff you're moving, and how many trips you'll need to make from the moving van to the house, you may want to select a small room and create a 'warm room'. This warm room is for you and the movers to stop and catch your breath, warm up your hands, and grab a hot coffee between heavy loads.


Don't Forget Winter Gear

In most cases the move itself is straightforward, but packing can be overwhelming. Remember to clearly label your box of winter gear, or even, consider putting it into your own car. Unpacking can take a while. Knowing exactly where to find your boots, hats, gloves, and other warm wear can save you an uncomfortable time after moving!


Utilities Are Everything

In addition to packing, arranging movers, preparing walkways etc., remember to arrange to have the utilities for your new place set up. Proper lighting and heat, especially in the winter are important. Check out some of our other moving tips to help keep you organized.


Moving in Winter: What You Need to Know

Moving in the winter is all about preparation. You can start preparing early by packing summer items, labeling boxes clearly, and purchasing moving supplies like bubble wrap. For help, tips, and great customer service trust the seasoned moving professionals at Precisely Right Moving and Storage.