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Why Hiring a Professional Mover Is a Better Choice Than Your Friend?

You have a bunch of strong friends with some free time. So this is a perfect opportunity to ask them to help you move, right?

Not exactly. While your friends might be able to lift heavy objects and be paid in pizza, there are a lot of elements missing compared to hiring a professional for door to door moving in Kelowna.

For example, chances are your friends aren't insured for a mishap. They also might not be careful when they're carrying large items that could damage the property. A good professional mover is insured, but that's not the only reason to hire one.

Read on to learn about more reasons why a moving company is important for a smooth experience.


More Reliability

If you're relying on your friends to help you move, then you might have to work around their schedule. Or some family emergency could come up and they'll have to leave you to deal with everything.

Friends can get distracted by checking their phones and taking their time (after all, they're being paid with food). That means you'll have to act like a supervisor to keep them on task, while also doing some of the risky heavy lifting yourself.

That won't be the case with a professional mover. They will arrive when they say they will and use their experience to help pack and unload your precious belongings in the new location in a timely manner. This could become more important if you have a limited time frame to get your items out of the old location.


Less Concern About Liability

Friends will likely do their best not to damage your important belongings when they're helping you. However, items like a piano or expensive framed artwork need special attention and experience, which your friends probably don't have that. A pro mover knows how to navigate flights of stairs with heavy items, and will also prepare the item properly ahead of moving it.

More importantly, if your friends accidentally damage your belongings or get hurt in the process, you could be on the hook for it. When you hire a profesional mover, they should be able to provide details about its insurance coverage. They might also provide temporary storage solutions that are also covered by insurance.


Know The Cost Up Front

Gathering a few friends to help you move boxes and other items may seem like an inexpensive route, but it can add up. Aside from compensating them in some ways for their time and effort, you'll also have to factor in the cost of renting a truck. If you are moving out of town, those costs may add up (and your friends may not be available to help you at the other side.)

When you choose a moving company, you'll generally get a quote up-front so you won't get any surprises down the road.


Choose Door To Door Moving in Kelowna

Hiring a professional mover (instead of recruiting friends) means you can count on a reliable, experienced crew that can move your valuable items with care. They're also insured in case of any mishap.

Having a mover on your side means less stress, and knowing there's a crew dedicated to the job! Contact Precisely Right Moving and Storage for a quote on a door to door moving in Kelowna.