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Reliable Packers in Kelowna

Moving to a new home or office is a process that involves many steps that are each stressful in their own right. Sometimes the most stressful of those steps is packing. Not only do you have to make sure you have enough packing supplies to fit everything, you have to go through each and every room in your home and decide what’s coming with you, what’s going into storage and what’s getting thrown away.

If this sounds overly stressful or time-consuming, Precisely Right Moving and Storage can help. We offer moving services to meet your needs, as well as professional packers with helpful tips and assistance for a stress-free move.

Packing Service Packages

There are many things to worry about before and after your move. You may not want to pack or you may not have enough time to pack. In either case, Precisely Right Moving and Storage has you covered. We offer several add-on options for our packing services in Kelowna, based on the most common situations we come across when it comes to packing. Our options include:


 Complete packing - If you really hate packing, or are really busy every day leading up to your move, our team can come to your home and carefully pack all of your belongings into our sturdy moving boxes. We bring all of the supplies necessary to complete the job. We can also unpack everything at your new home as well.

 Individual room packing – During the packing process you may come across a room that you just don’t want to pack on your own. There’s nothing wrong with that! Precisely Right Moving and Storage offers packing services in Kelowna for individual rooms, like your busy kitchen.

 Individual item packing – Perhaps you’ve packed up everything on your own already, except those weird shaped lamps and other odds and ends around the house. If you don’t know how to pack a certain item, or can’t get it to fit into your boxes, call us for our packing services in Kelowna and we’ll make sure the awkward item is securely and safely packed.

If you decide you have enough time to complete your packing on your own but you’re not sure where to get enough boxes, we can help there too. We offer a wide range of packing supplies for sale so you don’t have to rush around town trying to find the right sized box or the right type of tape for packing.

Call for Efficient & Secure Packing Service in Kelowna

No matter how many rooms or items we’re packing for you, we are always sure to schedule the service with ample time before your move. We go through your home one room at a time, marking each box with the appropriate label so it’s easy for you or our team to unpack each room at your new home. 

As professional pakers in Kelowna, we ensure that all delicate items are properly handled and individually wrapped in packing paper before being put into the box. We have special boxes to put hanging clothes in, and the rest of your clothes will be tightly packed into our standard boxes. We always avoid over-packing, making sure no items will be spilling out the bottom of a box.

If you want your items packed securely without taking the time to do it yourself, call us.

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