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Tips for Storing Your Belongings Long-term During a Move

Moving is rarely a quick and straightforward process, especially if you are moving for the first time or if you have never done a big move before. Oftentimes, home and business owners need to find long-term storage in Kelowna for their belongings while they get settled into their new home or commercial space. The Kelowna storage and moving pros at Precisely Right Moving and Storage have put together some tips to help your move run smoothly by avoiding any unwanted damage to your belongings while they stay in storage.

1. Choose the right boxes

The right packing supplies are crucial for protecting your belongings in long-term storage in Kelowna. Use new boxes rather than boxes that have been sitting in your garage or basement for the past several years. Similarly sized boxes will also be much easier to stack, making them less likely to topple over while in storage.

2. Fill boxes to capacity, but distribute weight

Filling your boxes to capacity will also make them easier and safer to stack in your Kelowna storage unit, just make sure that you're not stuffing all of your heaviest belongings into a few boxes. Try to distribute weight more evenly among your boxes, and wrap fragile items in bubble wrap, paper, or linen before packing them.

3. Clean all of your belongings before storage

Mold and mildew are the enemies of long-term storage. Thankfully, they can be largely prevented if you take the time to clean and thoroughly dry your belongings before packing them away. It's a good idea to treat any fabric surfaces with a water repellent spray as well. Keeping moisture out of your storage unit will help keep all of your belongings safe.

4. Disassemble larger items

Finally, in order to prepare your larger items for storage in Kelowna, you'll want to disassemble them. Large pieces of furniture are more susceptible to damage and breakage when kept in one piece. Make sure you store all screws and attachments in a clearly labelled bag so that your furniture can be put back together again.

Long-Term Storage Solutions in Kelowna

At Precisely Right Moving and Storage, our experienced team can help make your residential or commercial move as easy and stress-free as possible. If you need to keep some belongings in storage while you wait for your new home or offices to be built, while you downsize, or while you just take some time to get organized, then we can also provide you with long-term storage in Kelowna as an addition to our moving services.

Don't hesitate to ask Precisely Right Moving and Storage for anything you need. We can organize your storage unit so that items you want access to are right out front and off-season items sit more to the back. We'll also make sure that all of your belongings are protected with moving blankets and shrink wrap to keep them safe while in storage. All of our workers are covered by WBC for your peace of mind.

If you need quality solutions for moving and storage in Kelowna, then it's time for you to contact Precisely Right Moving and Storage. We also offer moving supplies as well as a packing service if you want us to handle your move from start to finish, call us!

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