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Among the Best Moving Companies in Kelowna

Founded in 1997 by Jake Polzin, Precisely Right Moving and Storage is operated in the heart of one of the busiest commercial areas of Kelowna. Through the expertise of our local owner Jake Polzin, we are known as one of the best moving companies in Kelowna.


We have always focused on the quality of our crew rather than the number of our moves. Our movers are hardworking and charming to boot, which makes them some of the best professionals in the business. If you are looking for one of the best moving companies in Kelowna, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us to book your residential or commercial move!

Efficient and Secure Services

Moving can be both an exciting and stressful time. Though you’re excited about a new beginning, how you’re going to get there can be stressful. The process of packing, moving your items and unpacking doesn’t sound like a fun way to start your new life at a new home or office.


That’s why one of the best moving companies in Kelowna, Precisely Right Moving and Storage should be your preferred choice. Precisely Right Moving and Storage offers a host of moving services that are efficient, reliable, and secure. Have peace of mind rest with our insulated, secured, and insurance-approved storage space. All in all, our team provides you with every moving solution you could need. Here are some of our services:

  • Local and long-distance moves
  • Retirement home moves
  • Piano and heavy item moves
  • Auto/motor vehicle hauling
  • Packing materials and supplies
  • And more!

How to Choose a Moving Company in Kelowna

When it comes to choosing the best moving company in Kelowna, it’s always a good idea to follow the Consumer Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company that was created by the Office of Consumer Affairs, Industry Canada. Choose Precisely Right Moving and Storage for a seamless, affordable and customer focused moving experience. This list outlines various steps that are important to follow to choose one of the best moving companies in Kelowna:


Ask questions

Ask questions:

  • Is the company insured?

  • Does the company have its own equipment or will it hire a sub-contractor?

  • Who provides services at the end of the move? – The same company, an associated van line, etc.

  • If left in a moving van overnight, will your items be secured?

  • Whose storage facilities are used?

Ask for an estimate:

Ask for an estimate:

  • Give the mover precise information about the location of your old and new residences.

  • Take an inventory of everything you want moved so the moving company can give you an accurate estimate. Get estimates and delivery dates in writing.

  • The estimate should be on company letterhead with the name and contact information of the company.

Ask for details

Ask for details:

  • Who is responsible for packing? Is there liability if you pack yourself?

  • Can boxes from other places be used?

  • Should boxes be sealed and labelled?

  • Are licences required at border crossings? Who will prepare them?

  • Are there seasonal rates that affect the move?

  • Does the company offer Replacement Value Protection?

Professional Affiliations

Why Choose Precisely Right Moving and Storage?

Moving has never been so convenient. At Precisely Right Moving and Storage, we offer multiple moving and storage options for residential and commercial customers. Whether you are moving houses, relocating office spaces, or just need a temporary space to store items while you renovate—you can count on us. Our goal at Precisely Right Moving and Storage is to take the stress out of moving so you can concentrate on getting settled in your new place. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your moving needs:

  • We are an insured company that uses its own equipment for every move.
  • We provide complete estimates based on the inventory list you provide us and we offer written statements for our estimates.
  • We are proud to be one of the most trusted moving companies in Kelowna.
  • We have an A+ rating with the BBB.

If you need a moving company in Kelowna, call us. You can also request an estimate online.

Request a Quote

If you’d like to get a quote on our services, please give us a call or fill out the form. Our representative will get back you as soon as possible.

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